Name: Dagon Age: 22 Sex: Male Height: 178 Weight: 65 Hair: Dark-Brown, medium long, lighter-coloured beard Eyes: grey Clothes: basic leather armor Occupation: Freelance Scout

Familial Relations

Father: Berec Living/Deceased: Dead Occupation of Father: Ranger Mother: Lista Living/Deceased: Status Unknown Parental Marriage Status: Romance Occupation of Mother: Rogue Sister(s): Unknown (maybe half-sisters) Brother(s): 1 Twin Brother (Ferrel) Age(s): 22 Living/Deceased: Alive / Location Unknown


Where Raised: Travelling around (Wilderness + Cities) Family Background: Parents met in City when father stopped by, Romance, Twins born, Mother comes with Father, Mother increasingly can`t stand the wilderness, goes back to city, takes brother with her, I stay with father

Psych Profile

Greatest Trauma: Father being killed by evil Tieflings Morals: Intentionally good, Ambitions: Find the father`s killers, find mother, find brother, fighter skills, …. Positive Personality Traits: Courageous, Ambitious, Negative Personality Traits: Hot-tempered, Temperament: Medium to Hot Leader/Follower: Leader


Four days it had taken him to catch up and secretly overtake the party of 3. Sitting in a huge oak tree, his vantage point was near perfect, the massive and unhindered growth of wood and leaves concealing him completely. Not that it was necessary, most people failed to look above their heads if their life depended on it. Especially the kind of half-wit scoundrels he was dealing with in this case. Two of them were Tiefling, one was Human.

He never really liked Tieflings all that much, but since his father had killed by two of their kind, he had nothing but hate to give to them. He had been hunting for his father`s murderers for near 4 years now. A long time it seemed as if he never came any closer, running in circles, driven by his own blind rage & determination of vendetta. In the beginning, he knew next to nothing about his quarry, except the looks of one of them.

Also, they carried some of his father’s personal belongings, mainly his outstanding weapons. Those were his only leads, but as time went by, he was able to find out a great deal more about his tormentors. Ever catching up, one step at a time, until today. Today was V-Day. All he had to do was wait.

Sitting in that great oak made him think of happier childhood days. Traveling through the lands with both his parents and his twin brother Ferrell. He remembered playing hide-and-seek with Ferrell, hunting with his father; he remembered how his mother used to tell him about the great city. He also remembered how her stories sounded sadder and sadder as time went by; but the thing he remembered most about those days, was the day they left Mother and Ferrell behind in that city.

He couldn’t properly understand it back then, but his human rogue mother grew wary of travelling and the remoteness of the great forests. She needed the city streets. Crowds, stinking holes, alleyways, scoundrels, shouting, fighting, drinking….. just as his father needed the silence of the forest. They were not meant to be together. So when his mother stayed behind, she kept Ferrell with her, not being able to leave both her children behind. Dagon had not seen either of them since that day. He was eight then, now he was 22. Of course he asked around whenever he visited cities & towns, but so far with little success.

When he was 18, his father and he were hired to track a group of Tiefling bandits through the forests. He never knew how, but somehow the hunters became the hunted, and they ran right into an ambush. His father was killed in the most vicious of ways, being ripped apart by 2 while he was being held down by a third. In his rage, he managed to escape, but his father was beyond help. He had to leave him behind to save his own skin. He could never forgive himself for that, and it made his drive for revenge even more intense.

His thoughts were abruptly interrupted by low voices. It was time. He felt a pulse of adrenaline rush through his body. Finally, he could finish this chapter of his life! As they came closer to his tree, he prepared to strike. When they were right below them he let 2 arrows fly, hitting a Tiefling and a Human skull, both dropping down dead instantly. Letting go of his bow, he unsheathed both his weapons and jumped down to hit the last one full charge. He never thought one of those Tiefling wretches could react that fast but he was never sure what happened next. His target dogded him perfectly, making his jump more of a fall to the ground and he had to use all his skill to catch his fall and land standing instead of flat face down on the ground. Preparing for a blow, he was surprised to see the Tiefling starting to run.

It was all he could do to jump up and follow, when he realized there was something wrong with his foot. He tried to chase the Tiefling a little farther, but couldn’t keep the pace once the pain in his ankle set in. He limped back to the two dead bodies to search them and was able to recover his father’s medal as well as his father’s war pick. He was sure, that the one that got away was one of his father’s murderers because he recognized him. The one he slaughtered he didn’t recognize, but assumed he was one of those bandits because he was carrying his father’s belongings. The third one just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. He had no intention of killing innocents, but he couldn’t assume that the Human wouldn’t take sides with the Tieflings, since they were his travelling companions. Besides that, he didn’t think anyone travelling with the likes of them was innocent.

One down, two to go. The hunt wasn’t over. Making his way to the next city during the following days, he decided that it was safer for him to get himself some companions. Otherwise, this vigilante pursuit was going to get him killed before he could finish his task. He didn’t need to reveal his pursuit right away, but he could try and direct the party towards finding the remaining two Tieflings.


Die Sagen des Deolo Mär Reifen